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My name is Isabella Falls, and I was born and raised in NYC. I have always been fascinated by the city’s vibrant culture and diverse communities. Growing up in such a dynamic environment has shaped my perspective and fueled my passion for exploring new places and meeting new people. Growing up, I remember constantly being questioned about my identity. People would often ask me where I was really from, assuming that I couldn’t possibly be a true New Yorker because of my ethnicity. It was frustrating, but it also made me proud to represent the diversity of my city. To the general public, I was racially ambiguous, which I had to learn to find comfort in. I realized that being racially ambiguous was not a negative trait but rather a strength that allowed me to break down barriers and inspire others to do the same. It was a challenge, but one that I embraced with pride and determination. Although I was raised in New York, I’ve spent most of my life traveling back and forth between the United States and the Dominican Republic. My biracial background has given me a unique perspective and allowed me to develop strong communication skills in both English and Spanish. This multicultural upbringing has equipped me with a versatility and adaptability that I bring to every project I undertake. Beyond mere looks, I am driven by a desire to serve as a role model for young women of color, demonstrating through my journey that one’s background or skin color should never limit their aspirations. I aim to inspire and empower others to pursue their dreams relentlessly, regardless of societal expectations or prejudices. With a passion for diversity and inclusion, coupled with a commitment to authenticity and representation, I am eager to contribute my talents and perspective to the world of modeling, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.


Work & Experience

Traviesita, Angelyse Mariah - Music Video Feb. 2024 - Feb. 2024
Centipedia Productions, Michael Callejas

Angelyse Mariah is a new and up-and-coming singer/songwriter from a small town in New Jersey. After moving to the city of New York straight out of high school, she was determined to pursue a music career alongside her many years as a child performer/actor. https://set.page/angelysemariah/

EightNineteen Fashion Editorial Campaign Feb. 2024 - Feb. 2024
Director: Emily Jerison, Elias Tejada Producer: Jianna Kristine, Scott Terranova Exec.Prod Ghetto Film School,


CrazySexyCool, a TLC inspired shoot Jan. 2024 - Jan. 2024
Pookie Films-https://pookiefilmsinc.square.site/

Directed by: @pookie.films , Creative Director(s): @jemaribrandon @jayda.castilloo , Stylist: @jayda.castilloo , Models: @bellafalls222 (me) as T-Boz, @eyevanam_ as Left Eye, and @jayda.castilloo as Chilli.

Harper's Bazzar Vietnam Shoot Dec. 2023 - Dec. 2023
Harpers Bazzar + Marcian Jewelry

Harper's Bazzar is the style resource for women at every age, showcasing visionary stylists, photographers and designers with authority and insider insight.

Perdida En Tu Juego - Music Video Oct. 2024 - Feb. 2024
Singer/Composer/Music Producer: Mercedes Gala @mercedes.gala / Dani D @danid.music Mixing Engineer: Edoardo Santini Mastering Engineer: Ismaele Tara Director/Editor: Palmer Wells @palmerwells Producers: Sarah Whittum @sarahgw.7, Roomaline Chemaly @roomaline , Nas Aidid @nasaidid Assistant Director: Isadora Nobrega @isadora.nobrega UPM: Mel Krych @melkrych , Cassandra Vega Director of Photography: Samuel Mitchell @samuelmitchell_ 1st AC: Gaffer: Liam Podos @piamlodos Choreographer: Bella Falls Production Designer: Nabeel Jan @nabeeljan_ Art Assistant: Emily Parker @emilyyparker Stylist: Gab Urman @gaburman Colorist: Muhil Vaseekaran @moo.vaseekaran Text Animator: Daniel Oliver Lee @danieloliverlee PA: Sky Parker @skyparrker , Elena Grace @elenagracea, Carli Platt @cari.platt BTS Photographer: @cplattpictures, Priyanka Kedia @pkwizzles

When Mercedes embarks on a one women journey throughout New York City to find herself, she makes friends along the way, and discovers she must come to terms with her past in order to embrace her current relationships & newfound independence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PwgdsuF9mA



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